02 Feb 2018

To achieve career success it is worth adopting certain habits and practices that entrepreneurs live by every day. Not everyone can or wants to start a business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all aspire to become accomplished in our own work and career paths. Entrepreneurs commonly have a very specific mindset and attitude, which […]

12 Jan 2018

“The number of people finding jobs via recruiters is growing, even while the overall employment rate is plateauing. This suggests that more employers are turning to recruiters to help them fill vacancies as candidate availability continues to fall and recruiting good people becomes that much harder.” – Kevin Green, REC Chief Executive. At the end […]

08 Jan 2018
skill shortages

One consistency throughout reports on the job market in 2017 was the concern for skill shortages and how the talent pool has been steadily deteriorating. While this has been advantageous for jobseekers looking for their next career move or salary increase, it has been testing for employers trying to retain staff and hire new talent […]

22 Dec 2017
body language tips for job interview

Your body language and the way you carry yourself has a significant impact on an interviewers perception of you. While preparing for common interview questions is a great way to boost confidence and help you clearly and concisely demonstrate how qualified you are; this is only one part of ensuring a successful interview. You may […]

15 Dec 2017
permanent placements

In the lead up to Christmas, it’s always great to hear positive news, and the REC Report on Jobs has brought an excellent update. Drawing on survey data collected from recruitment consultancies and employers, it was revealed that the number of permanent placements rose at its sharpest in 3 months. Therefore, the rate of permanent […]

01 Dec 2017
positive company culture

If you read a lot of entrepreneurial blogs, you’re bound to have already come across commentaries on the importance of a positive company culture. A happy office environment creates a more encouraging and productive atmosphere. Treating your employees well ensures both staff retention and business growth, as employees are likely to work more enthusiastically and […]