skill shortages

One consistency throughout reports on the job market in 2017 was the concern for skill shortages and how the talent pool has been steadily deteriorating. While this has been advantageous for jobseekers looking for their next career move or salary increase, it has been testing for employers trying to retain staff and hire new talent to help improve business growth. So what can employers do in the coming year to be competitive and overcome any issues caused by skill shortages?


Invest in your employees

A positive company culture and healthy work-life balance is fundamental and expected, by many employees and jobseekers. To guarantee staff retention in the current competitive market, employers must invest in their staff, improving on office culture and offer frequent training. A positive company culture can ensure employees feel valued and motivated while at work. Equally, training for staff allows them to develop their skills and help grow the business further while also establishing the company’s appreciation and value for them.


Devote time to developing your company brand

In this digital age, more jobseekers are actively searching online to learn about businesses they are considering working for. Consequently, organisations have a responsibility to be easily accessible online. They must also deliver a strong message across their various platforms of the company’s core values, outlook and mission. Having a clear insight into what the company is like will provide confidence in jobseekers that this is the type of place they want to work.


Strong online presence

The combination of investment in employees and a solid online presence could have a positive domino effect on hiring new talent. The word-of-mouth that would likely result from happy employees would make the company very attractive to skilled jobseekers. What’s more, there are online forums and websites like Glassdoor, which allow current and former employees to review their place of work. Thus, ensuring employees are happy is crucial to the company brand receiving positive reviews. Moreover, displaying that the company is responsive to feedback can also help present the organisation as progressive and open-minded.


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