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In the lead up to Christmas, it’s always great to hear positive news, and the REC Report on Jobs has brought an excellent update. Drawing on survey data collected from recruitment consultancies and employers, it was revealed that the number of permanent placements rose at its sharpest in 3 months. Therefore, the rate of permanent staff placements in the UK is currently at it’s strongest since August.

What’s more, staff vacancies for both permanent and temporary roles also increased, meaning skilled candidates are still in significant demand and opportunities for new roles are growing for jobseekers. As a result of strong demand for accomplished professionals, starting salaries continue to rise sharply, which is great news for those wanting to loosen the purse strings for the festive period.

While the rate of permanent staff vacancies increased across all sectors, the Accounting and Finance sector retained its first place ranking with an index reading of 66.9, remaining well above the neutral average of 50.0 and displaying a substantial increase from the previous year of 60.1.


Which specific skills are most in demand for this sector?

For those in the Accountancy and Finance sector, below are the most sought-after skills:

  • Accountants
  • Audit
  • Estimators
  • Finance
  • FP & A
  • Insurance
  • Paraplanners
  • Payroll
  • Risk
  • Tax
  • Treasury



As already mentioned, there has been a continued steep increase in starting salaries for permanent placements. It was widely noted by consultants and employers surveyed that the rate of inflation remained sharp and above average. Many have suggested that pay rates have risen due the unrelenting demand for staff, combined with a depleted supply of skilled jobseekers. It has obligated employers and organisations to compete for talented candidates by offering better incomes and workplace benefits. These sharp salary inflations were reported across the UK but the North of England had the strongest increase.

As REC chief executive Kevin Green surmised: “Despite the current uncertainties caused by Brexit and political turmoil, recruiters are placing more people into jobs – particularly in the private sector… hirers are responding by raising starting salaries in an attempt to attract scarce talent…[but] the government must make a New Year’s resolution to ensure that the UK labour market remains successful in 2018.”


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